The Bespoke process

The process of bespoke tailoring is a very personal one. Therefore, a first meeting is required to establish a fundamental and professional relationship between you as a client and me as a tailor. During this first meeting we'll sit down, enjoy a hot beverage of your choosing and discuss the things you as a client envision having made. All the while I will be taking notes, make a sketch, and ask about certain features or details you would like your garment to have. If you have accompanying visual imagery to show what you are after, please take that with you when we meet (or send it to me afterwards). 

After that, I will take out the fabric bunches suitable to your preferences or what I think will be most suitable for your wishes. The choice is, as with everything in this process, entirely up to you, but I will always provide my personal advice when asked for. Things like buttons, trimmings and other necessities will also be discussed. After that, measurements will be taken and written down.

Before the first meeting draws to a close, we will briefly go over the taken notes and sketches in order to confirm what we have discussed, and pick a date for our next appointment.
After that, all that is left to be done is the signing of a contract with mutual terms of agreement. This can be done right away, or a digital form can be sent to you to be signed. When this is the case, the commission is official.

The next time we meet will be for the first fitting. The commissioned garments are now in their most basic form: no pockets, no linings, just the cloth with interling, all basted together. This fitting is mostly about getting the overall shape right, and nothing is definite; almost everything can still be changed. 
Durig the fitting I will mostly be asking questions regarding how you feel and what you think whilst looking at the garments being worn. I will take notes, place pins and chalk lines wherever required whilst explaining what I do, think and advice, based upon what both you as a client and I myself observe. After taking it off we will again go over the things we discussed and pick a date for our next meeting.

For the second fitting, the garments will be halfway to being finished. Pockets are in place, linings are put in, seams are serged, and lapels are padded. This fitting is mostly about small changes, like adjusting lengths and widths and determining the sleeve pitch. For returning customers, this is the only fitting that is necessary: the basic first fitting is required only for first-time orders.

After the second fitting, all garments will be altered according to our observations and finished. The fourth time we'll meet will involve the last fitting in this process, so we can both see how the final product looks being worn. The commissioned garments, made for you and on you, are ready to be taken home and be worn for what will be decades to come