First and foremost I am, of course, a bespoke tailor. This is what I do most and what I am most asked to do. However, I do offer a wider range of services within my usual line of duty, these being:

Lectures and readings

I give readings and lectures on a wide range of subjects related to my craft. Subjects can vary from history and development of men's fashion to historical tailoring. I have done these for museums, schools and individusl institutions. For enquiries, please send me an email.

Private lessons

Individual or group lessons are also a service I offer. I can teach the basics of pattern drafting, teach the basics of making pockets, flies, i.e. and -for the more advanced- how to make and finish trousers, jackets and waistcoats. 

Historical advice

Museums, expositions and theatre or film productions in need of advice regarding period correct men's fashion or ettiquette can come to me for that. I can give advice on fashion from the second half of the 17th century onwards to the 1960s.